Bagaimana Menyiapkan Coleslaw acah2 kfc Yang Nikmat

Enak, Lezat dan Nikmat.

Resep Membuat Coleslaw acah2 kfc Yang Nikmat Ikuti Caranya Dibawah. Here is a delicious coleslaw recipe that goes great with fried chicken or my favorite, fried fish. This recipe is best made a the day before you eat or. How to make Coleslaw better than KFC.

Coleslaw acah2 kfc This is the perfect side dish for a family cookout or potluck! If you've ever seen a clone recipe for KFC coleslaw it probably looks like this. This replica recipe has become one of the all-time most shared. Anda bisa memasak Coleslaw acah2 kfc dengan 5 bahan dan 2 langkah. Baginilah caranya.

Bahan untuk Coleslaw acah2 kfc

  1. Anda perlu Kobis 300 gram (siap dipotong halus).
  2. Ambil Lobak merak 1 batang (dipotong halus).
  3. Anda perlu Bawang Holland 1 biji (dipotong dadu).
  4. Anda perlu Lada hitam yg dikisar kasar secukup rasa.
  5. Anda butuh Mayonnaise 4 ke 5 sudu besaq.

Making the perfect KFC coleslaw is pretty easy. Be sure to chop cabbage and carrots fine pieces. KFC Coleslaw is a five minute side dish you'll enjoy all summer long with your favorite chicken and more! KFC Coleslaw is one of my most personal childhood food memories.

Langkah-langkah memasak Coleslaw acah2 kfc

  1. Campurkan ke semua bahan2 kita tadi Kecuali lada hitam Dan mayonnaise.
  2. Kemudian letak mayonnaise Dan lada hitam gaul bahan2 yg telah di campur tadi... Gaul sehingga rata.. Lepas itu letak dalam bekas simpan kedalam peti sejuk 30 minit ke 1 jam.. Dan siap Dan boleh dimakan .

As a young kid I would walk from my elementary school with my great aunt and we would. The results, at first taste were pretty close to KFC's, but there seemed to be an overwhelming fresh cabbage flavor right after making Just like KFC! Tips for making KFC Coleslaw: Use a food processor to make quick work of creating the slaw. If you insist on using Miracle Whip. The original KFC coleslaw recipe uses a shredded and chopped cabbage.

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