Mawun Beach is Planned to be a Halal Destination For Middle Eastern Travelers

Mawun Beach is Planned to be a Halal Destination For Middle Eastern Travelers, Mataram— To maintain its halal tourism brand, Lombok – Sumbawa Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) ready to bring in middle eastern tourists by making a beach with Islamic or Halal nuance.

One of the beaches that will be created as a halal tourism spot is Mawun beach, located at kuta, Central Lombok. BPPD Choosed this beach because of the location is very exclusive and has a lot of beauty such as sea and hill.

“Mawun is perfect for Middle East Muslim Travelers. We will develop that beach to be Halal beach destination.” said Chairman of BPPD NTB, Fauzan Zakaria, Sunday(25/3/2018).

Fauzan explained that many good tourism destinations like three Gilis in North Lombok, such as Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air. These destinations are conventionally, and can be visited by all tourists whole the World.

But, many of muslim travelers are not confortable to travel to those conventional destinations. So, with the creation of a special halal beach destination, certainly make the Middle Eastern tourists or Muslim Travelers are enjoy to travel in Lombok.

“If in Lombok or Sumbawa there is a friendly destination for muslim traveler such as a beach or island with halal tourism concept, I’m sure that Middle Eastern markets will make this Lombok as a main destination for holiday.” He said.

Fauzan added, the other reasons of choosing Mawun beach to be a halal beach spot, because It is located in the area of Mandalika Special Economic Zone (KEK), which is currently to be the Center Tourism in NTB.

He wishes this Mawun beach being as a pioneer of halal beach tourism destination. He said, If this project is successful, certainly Lombok will be visited by many of middle eastern tourists, without ignoring the existing conventional tourism concept.