Bagaimana Membuat Butter Baked Prawn|Versi Air Fryer Yang Sempurna

Enak, Lezat dan Nikmat.

Cara Membuat Butter Baked Prawn|Versi Air Fryer Yang Sempurna Ikuti langkah-langkahnya Dibawah. Versi Air Fryer. ekor udang galah saiz kecil•salted butter•bawang putih•serbuk lada putih•serbuk lada hitam•parsley flakes•perahan lemon•Secubit garam. Complete your cracker spread by adding your favorite sides. Melt butter in a large saucepan over MED heat.

Butter Baked Prawn|Versi Air Fryer Plus, you can use an oven or air fryer! It's official, I am obsessed with the new blended baked oatmeal trend and the fact that it's basically the perfect excuse to eat cake for breakfast! Unlike traditional oatmeal and traditional baked oatmeal, this peanut butter banana baked oatmeal isn't gooey or chewy. Kamu bisa menyiapkan Butter Baked Prawn|Versi Air Fryer dengan 9 bahan dan 5 langkah. Berikut ini langkah-langkahnya.

Bahan untuk Butter Baked Prawn|Versi Air Fryer

  1. Anda butuh 3 ekor udang galah saiz kecil.
  2. Siapkan 20 g salted butter.
  3. Siapkan 2 ulas bawang putih.
  4. Ambil 1/2 sudu teh serbuk lada putih.
  5. Anda perlu 1/2 sudu teh serbuk lada hitam.
  6. Anda perlu 1/2 sudu teh parsley flakes.
  7. Anda butuh 1 sudu teh perahan lemon.
  8. Ambil Secubit garam.
  9. Siapkan 3 biji cili api.

Air-Roast Chicken with Tomatoes (Air-Fryer Recipe). I haven't had time to adapt this for the airfryer but I would love. Not all air fryers are the same—some air fryers might be able to cook food more evenly than the others. If you notice that your air fryer produces Itching to use your air fryer to bake?

Langkah-langkah memasak Butter Baked Prawn|Versi Air Fryer

  1. Sediakan bahan-bahan.Udang galah dibersihkan dan dibelah atas memanjang..
  2. Panaskan butter dan masukkan bawang putih.Masukkan 3 biji cili api yang ditumbuk.Tutup api dan masukkan perahan lemon,serbuk lada putih,serbuk lada hitam dan secubit garam..
  3. Lumur udang dengan bahan-bahan ini dan perap sebentar..
  4. Susun di dalam Air Fryer dan letakkan sedikit parutan butter dan keju jika suka...taburkan parsley flakes dan bakar 170°C selama 5 minit..
  5. Siap dah...enak dimakan begitu saja....

Try baking these recipes—Citrus Cream Cheese Cupcakes, Gula Melaka Brown Butter Brownies, and Orange. Make the BEST Baked Potatoes ever in the Air Fryer! These potatoes are tender and flakey on the inside with an amazing super crispy skin. Keep them simple with butter, salt, and pepper or load them up with your favorite toppings for a side dish that's outstanding. These Air Fryer King Prawns are a tasty addition to any meal or even great as a snack or party food.

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