Bagaimana Menyiapkan Ulundhu Vadai 😋 Yang Enak

Enak, Lezat dan Nikmat.

Bagaimana Membuat Ulundhu Vadai 😋 Yang Sempurna Simak Caranya Dibawah. "Ulundu Vadai or Medhu Vadai, a popular, crispy, South Indian snack breakfast accompaniment made using Urad dal. I usually make Medhu vadai during festivals or when I have guests at home, hence, never really got an opportunity to patiently click pictures.

Ulundhu Vadai 😋 Medhu vadai with idli, pongal, sambar & Chutney is a famous breakfast combo in Southern Part of India. Ulundu vadai always have to be served hot as they are crisp when hot. Don't serve them when they become cold as the crispness is lost by then. Anda bisa memasak Ulundhu Vadai 😋 dengan 10 bahan dan 6 langkah. Berikut ini caranya.

Bahan untuk Ulundhu Vadai 😋

  1. Ambil 250 grm / A cup of Uludhu Dhall.
  2. Siapkan Two red chillies (Finely Chopped).
  3. Siapkan Few curry leaves (Finely Chopped).
  4. Anda perlu Two bird's eye chillies (Finely Chopped). Reduce for less spicy.
  5. Anda butuh One and half inch of Ginger (Grated of finely chopped).
  6. Ambil Two tablespoons of rice flour.
  7. Ambil One and half tablespoons of dry coconut (Optional).
  8. Siapkan Half teaspoon / a pinch of Hing @ Asafoetida Powder.
  9. Anda butuh Half teaspoon of salt (more as needed).
  10. Anda perlu Oil for frying.

Serve them hot with coconut chutney and sambar. Drain the water completely and take all. Ulundu vadai are little lentil fritters that come straight from Sri Lanka. Ulundu vadai are very popular in the South Asian country and locals love them.

Langkah-langkah memasak Ulundhu Vadai 😋

  1. Soak the Uludhu dhall for three hours. DON'T over soaked to avoid it absorb oil when it fry. I soaked for three hours and five minutes. Second pic is showing a soaked uludhu..
  2. Drain the dhall and blend it till soft and fluffy. I added five tablespoons of water to get the thick desired consistency of the paste..
  3. Transfer the paste to a mixing bowl. Beat and mix the paste batter in circular motion till you get a light and fluffy paste (I beat using wooden spoon). This is to incorporate the air into the batter to get a soft vadai..
  4. Add in the chopped ingredients, dry coconut, rice flour, salt and the Asafoetida Powder. Rice flour to make it crispy after frying while the Asafoetida powder is to help to reduce digestion problem when taking the dhall..
  5. Heat up the oil while shaping the vadai paste. You can make it as in a shape of donut or just in a ball shape like mine (because I am that lazy 🤭). To make donut shape, wet your hand, take a small sized ball and make a round shape. Then make a hole in the middle with your finger. Drop the shape in the oil and fry it till golden brown..
  6. Serve while it is hot. We Malaysian, since no chutney, we ate with chilli sauce 😅..

They are traditionally served as a snack, as an appetizer or even enjoyed at breakfast time. What is the origin of ulundu vadai? Ulundu vadai (in Tamil) or medu vada is certainly reminiscent of the American donut with its round shape and hole. Ulundhu Vadai is a popular breakfast recipe in Tamil Nadu. No festival is completed without Vadas in Tamil Nadu.

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